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1. How to register a domain name?
2. How to transfer a domain name from oner company to other
3. How to change the name server & how long will it take to get active?
4. How to renew the domain name?
5. Customer sign up form
6. Reseller sign up form
7. How to start domain reseller business?
8. Protecting Your Domain Name?

How to register a domain name?

         The process of registration has been explained as per our domain control panel, The entire process takes just 2 to 3 mins.

Step 1: Logon to G2C Technologies website, you will be having a link "New Customer Sign Up" click on that & sign up the form
Step 2: After new customer form sign up, You will get an automated email from G2C Technologies. You need to check the email which is provided at the time of customer form registration.
Step 3: You might received customer login area link, user name & password. Logon to that.
Step 4: After logging on to the domain control panel, Select the menu "Domains" in the top
Step 5: Selet the Sub Mebu "Domain Registration" now we need to select check "Check Availability"
Step 6: Now you will be taken to the screen with small box/field which will ask you type the desired domain name & choose the extension like .com, .net, .org, .in etc and click on "Search for Domains" button
Step 7: Once you get the result as domain name is available, Then click "Add To Cart" & move to the next screen
Step 8: Now Choose the Duration: as 1 year or 2 year to maximum of 10 years,
Step 9: Now check your contact information, whether they are right
Step 10:Now You can get one option whether to enable or disable privacy protection with a check box. If you check the box, nobody will be able to see your contact information in lookup (If your not sure just leave it)
Step 11: Now you will be getting an option to update the name server which will be provided by the web hosting company whom you buy, If you are purchasing the web hosting from G2C Technologies. You can leave it, G2C Technologies will be updating, If you have the name server which is already provided by them, Kindly click " Edit Name Server" link & update them, The name will look like G2C Technologies
Step 12: After updating the name server, Scroll down to bottom & click the button "Continue"
Step 13: Now select the G2C Technologies premium web hosting, If you dont want click "No Thanks, Proceed to Checkout"
Step 14: Now check the box, which i agree to terms & conditions
Step 15: Through online if you have credit card, choose the option & submit your card details, we have paypal payment gateway. Once the transfer is completed, Check your mail box, You might have receiced confirmation mail for domain registration
Step 16: If you dont have credit card, You can close the screen or Go to the link: Technologies & you will find mode of payment. make the payment, mail the domain name details & how you transferred the amount. We will register the domain instantly & mail the details.

How to change the name server & how long will it take to get active?

Changing Name Servers of your Domain Name
        We have provided the information based on our domain control panel.
Step 1: Logon to our website G2C Technologies
Step 2: You will have "Login Area" enter the user name: email address and password, (Note: The user name and password has been provided at the time of domain name registration with us, If you dont have select forget password link in our website below "Login Area" & give your email address, Temporary password will be generated from our system & will be mailed to you immediately, Use that & login
Step 3: After logging, Select the menu "Domains" & click "List last 10 Domains, You will get a small search box, Entire the domain name & click search (dont add www in the search field)
Step 4: Once the domain name is listed, Click the option "Domain Name - Click To Manage"
Step 5: Now you will get domain management buttons listed in top horizontally, Click the button that says "Name Server"
Step 6: Now you will see the listed of boxes with existing name server, Now delete the existing name server & update the required name server like example in the first box & in the second box.
Step 7: Now click the button "Submit" You will get message, The name server has been sucessfully modified

How to renew the domain name?

Renewing your Domain Name

        When you register a domain name, it is registered to you for a certain number of years i.e., until its registration term expires. If you plan to continue using it beyond its Expiry Date, then you need to Renew it.

You can renew your domain name from your Control Panel by following the below mentioned process:

        Login to your Control Panel and search for the domain name. Click here to learn how to accomplish this >>
        Click on the Domain name in the search results to get to the Order details view.
        Click on the Renew Service button, which will take you to the Renewal page.
        On this page from the Dropdown Box select the numbers of years for which you wish to Renew this Domain Name.
        Then proceed to pay for this service and the Renewal would be affected immediately.
        If you wish to renew more than one domain name at a time, you may do so from the Renewal Management interface. Click here to know how to Renew Domain Names in Bulk >>

         In case your domain name has been Locked/Suspended by G2C Technologies, you will not be able to immediately renew your domain name. You need to contact our Support Team

         You can Renew only those domain names which either do not have any lock or have been locked by you or your Customers. Domain names locked by G2C Technologies cannot be Renewed by you.

        Moreover, you can NOT renew domain names that are registered through your Sub-Resellers. From your Reseller Admin Control Panel, you can only renew domain names registered by your immediate Customers; for all other domain names, the Renew Service button in the Order details view would be disabled.

Protecting Your Domain Name?

        Domain Theft Protection feature helps ensure that your domain name remains safe from illegal domain name transfers. Enabling Theft Protection on your domain name will result in a Transfer [Away] Request for this domain name to another Registrar to fail at the Registry itself.

        If you wish to have your domain name transferred away from G2C Technologies for some reason, you need to first disable the Theft Protection and then place a Transfer request at the Registrar of your choice.

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