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Design Gallery
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Google AdSense

        Users can now place Google Ads (advertisements) on their website, and earn money as visitors click on the Ads. For details, please visit

Google Checkout

         Users can now add a Google Checkout link on their website to enable visitors to click on it to pay using their credit card. For details, please visit

Create custom page filenames

         Users can now rename and customize the filenames of their web pages. A meaningful filename normally gives you a better search engine ranking. (example: instead of '1.html' it could be 'features.html' etc).

Advanced Search Engine Optimization

        The new revamped SEO feature now enables users to quickly add meta-tag information like keywords, title, description, etc. to their website using a simple easy to use text box interface instead of having to edit the source code. Users can also directly edit the page filenames to make them more appropriate for the content on the page. Apart from this users can now add a Sitemap link in all the pages that links to an automatically generated Sitemap page. To make is more search engine friendly, the websites will be published as pure HTML without JavaScript.

Incorporate Banners on your website

         With powerful banner incorporation tools, you can now embed banners on your website. This provides a powerful marketing and communication tool to users.

Customize the Footer on your website

         The Footer feature enables you to provide highly specific content such as service information, branding, contact or copyright information, etc.

Incorporate any custom image or Logo on your website

         All design templates have default images embedded within them. Users can replace these images by uploading any image of their choice. This could be a Logo image or any other image of their choice.

One-step Change Design feature

        You can change the design template on your homepage, inside pages and Flash intro, etc., in just one step by selecting any one of the available templates. What’s more, the entire content on these pages remain untouched and exactly the same as on the earlier design.

Ability to add content title above each page content area

        Users now have the options to add titles (as an image) above the content area. The users can also blank these titles if needed.

Preview page with options to change title, color & image

        Users can now instantly preview the changes to the title, color and image.

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